TTT Kr 360 – Oct 2021

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Review period: Jan-Oct 2021

This is the space for you to provide feedback related to the day-to-day work in each project as well as team level contributions. Share the things that made your collaboration successful as well as what and how could be better and identify what other members contributions have been.
Projects 360 reviews want to capture and share early feedback, critical/improvement opinions will not impact bonus/etc., unless it is a general concern and already lagging from previous reviews.


  1. You must review yourself first. Select Self-Review in the field: who do you want to review.
  2. You can review anyone multiple times for different projects that you worked with.
  3. You can submit part of your review as ‘direct’ and other part ‘aggregated’ using 2 independent submissions. Hero nominations only allowed in one of them (not on both entries).
    • Aggregated Be mindful and direct when writing the feedback, provide concrete examples for the reviewer to be able to understand the complete message and summarize it properly.
      Your review will be anonymous and summarized:
      • Members of a project will be summarized by the project lead.
      • Project leads review’s will be summarized by Sajid/Leo.
    • Direct Your direct feedback will be shared ‘as-is’ with your name. Hero nominations will be anonymous.
  4. You may elect one person per project (including TTT). The selected Project Heros will receive some kind of award (TBD). Your project hero nomination will be invalid if:
    • More than 1 nomination per project
    • There is not a compelling explanation

FAQ and Details

Who should you review?

We encourage to review everyone you worked with and provide feedback in the sections you had first-hand experience, regardless of the duration. This is not a numerical average review type; the summarization will take into account the lengths of the interactions.

Project “TTT” – How a person affects TTT itself

Review a person in the context of TTT such as team communication, administrative stuff, team building, etc.

Examples: Project Contributions & Strong Collaboration Points

Here are some examples. No need to cover them all if they are not relevant or if you don’t have first hand data. You can include any other topic:

  • Strongest weapon and key contributions to the project
  • What exceeded your expectations
  • Delivery time and quality
  • How is the work with others
  • How this person makes your work easier
  • How this person grows you
  • What makes your collaboration successful
  • What should never change

Examples: Areas of Improvement

Here are some examples. No need to cover them all if they are not relevant or if you don’t have first hand data. You can include any other topic:

  • What tool needs to be sharpened
  • How he/she could have contributed better to the project
  • What didn’t meet your expectations and how it can be improved in the future
  • What made your own work harder or ended up requiring you to sped extra time
  • What would you have liked to learn from him/her that you didn’t
  • How your collaboration/communication could have been more successful
  • What you encourage to change and why it will create a positive impact for the rest of the team