Interactive smart retail with real-world analytics

Go beyond passive information. Spot turns your product display into an interactive experience, bringing it to life.

Here’s how it works.

Spot employs a special sensor to track user actions. When users perform a particular action, Spot triggers an associated response. In response to a user touching a product, for example, Spot might display information about that product. Spot makes defining the supported actions and associated responses a breeze. Creating your own interactive experience requires just three simple steps.

1. Set up the physical space.

Setting up a physical space merely requires placing the items that users can interact with in the desired locations.

2. Define the interactive regions.

Defining the interaction regions can be as simple as tracing the desired regions on Spot’s tablet interface. Finer-grained controls allow users to adjust the size, shape, and positions of regions.

3. Associate content with actions on regions.

Adding interaction simply requires associating content with an action on a region. A common interaction, for example, is to show an image or a movie when a user enters a region.


In addition to creating interactive experiences, Spot collects and analyzes data about how users interact, allowing you to see how users engage with your products.

Spot in action

Retail pilots

Seoul, South Korea

Spot pilots in Samsung D’light and Korea Telecom stores allowed users to learn more about the features and capabilities of Samsung devices.

837 Washington

New York, United States

A Spot installation at the Samsung Experience in New York City allows visitors to learn about the Samsung galaxy of devices.

SDC 2016

California, United States

A Spot installation at the Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco allowed users to touch different areas of a physical building model to learn more about the current and future sessions in those locations.

Innovated by the Think Tank Team
at Samsung Research America

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